The10 Ukrainian Cuisine Restaurants You Should Visit in Kyiv
Ukrainians always liked to eat well. If some guests come to an Ukrainian family, they will certainly be fed with the most delicious dishes of national cuisine.
Of course, tourists who visit Ukraine for a few days are unlikely to have enough time to make friends here and fully experience the well-known Ukrainian hospitality. Yet they certainly will have enough time to visit some restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine, which can also leave an unforgettable impression.

If you are looking for the best Ukrainian restaurants in Kyiv, we will help you to make the right choice.
Address: Rognedinska str., 2;

Additional services: WiFi, karaoke, takeaway food.

Pervak is one of the most popular Ukrainian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv. The restaurant is tastefully designed to give its guests the feeling of old Kiev from a bygone era. Pervak is a quirky and fun place, full of interesting ornaments, pictures and curiosities.

Pervak offers a variety of traditional Ukrainian drinks and food. The guests can enjoy it either the big hall, or one of the small rooms decorated in the Ukrainian style. Pervak preserves the best traditions of the Ukrainian hospitality and creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and friendliness. You should definitely taste fried pork, duck meat and vareniki with cherries. Among drinks we advise you to pay attention to mead and hrynovuha.
Baluvana Galya
Baluvana Galya
Address: Mechnykova str., 1B;

Additional services: WiFi.

Baluvana Galya is a very modest place, completely devoid of all pretence. If you want to feel the real taste of Ukrainian cuisine, without any extra decorations designed for foreign tourists, you should visit this place.

Baluvana Galya offers classic Ukrainian cuisine from different regions of the country. The interior is decorated in a modern style. The guests can enjoy traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, including vareniki, borsch, pancakes and potato pancakes. Baluvana Galya offers to spend time with the whole family for a reasonable price. The place even has a small play corner for children.
Adress: Velyka Vasylkivska str., 114;

Additional services: WiFi.

Hatynka is the embodiment of the well-known Ukrainian hospitality. The combination of comfort, national colour and delicious food don't leave you indifferent to this place.

Near the entrance every guest is met with a glass of gorilka (Ukrainian vodka) and some food. It is an old Ukrainian tradition of welcoming guests. We recommend you to try borsch, broth, vareniki, potato pancakes with meat and fish dishes. And, of course, you should order a glass of gorilka.
Taras Bulba
Taras Bulba
Address: Pushkinska str., 2-4/7;

Additional services: free parking, TV.

Taras Bulba restaurant will take you to the times when the legendary cossacks fought for the independence of Ukraine. The restaurant is a two-story cossack manor. It offers the guests an opportunity to experience how the Ukrainians lived in the 16th century. Near the entrance the guests meet a charming Ukrainian woman who offers visitors a table.

The Taras Bulba restaurant's menu is a separate issue, big enough and very tasty. The restaurant offers a variety of appetizers and salads, fish soup and borsch with pasties and pampushkas, vareniki and dumplings; meat and side dishes, alcoholic and children's beverages, broths and fruit drinks. All the dishes are prepared from environmentally friendly products brought from Ukrainian villages.
Address: Tereshchenkivska str., 10;

Additional services: WiFi, business lunch.

O'Panas is situated in one of the central parks of Kyiv. The restaurant interior is furnished in the national style with elements of Ukrainian Baroque. The two colorful banquet rooms are joined together by a wooden staircase. The main banquet hall for 100-140 persons is located on the first floor. The wooden staircase leads to mansard of the second floor and the two VIP huts with wall paintings.

Ukrainian and European cuisines recipes compose the main part of the menu. The restaurant holds up traditions of healthy and ecologically clean meals. That's why all food products are delivered from a private farm. The specialty of O'Panas is a salad called Ukrainian Caesar. In addition, you should try stuffed pike and stuffed pig.
Address: Kyiv, Volodymyrska str., 1B;

Additional services: takeaway food, live music.

Spotykach isn't an usual Ukrainian restaurant. Actually, the place is a tribute to the 1960s. The menu is Kremlin banquet, but with a definite Ukrainian twist. Fancy glassware, red carpets on the walls and the floors, massive wooden furniture and an old-fashioned gramophone leave an impression of a wealthy party leader's apartment.

We advice to try real homemade Кyiv cake, legendary chicken Kyiv, Kyiv borsch, Kyiv bread with sweet chestnut and many other dishes.
Ukrains'ki Stravy
Ukrains'ki Stravy
Address: Vidradnyi avenue, 22;

Additional services: WiFi, TV.

Ukrains'ki Stravy is another restaurant in Kiev, which reflects the charm of Ukrainian national cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is designed in an authentic Ukrainian style. The guests will be surprised by the variety of rooms and the relaxing atmosphere.

Ukrains'ki Stravy is considered a very respectable restaurant. Businessmen from Kyiv often invite their foreign partners here. All visitors remember the high quality of service and wonderful cuisine. In addition to traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, the restaurant treats its guests with branded alcoholic beverages of its own production. If you visit Ukrains'ki Stravy, be sure to try vodka called Kum-Kuma.
Address: Horyva str., 2v;

Additional services: business lunch, background music.

Garbuzyk is a cozy authentic restaurant, located among the charming streets of the Old Podil. The restaurant very accurately shows the Ukrainian national traditions. Here you can feel serious work on the interior, which very precisely reflects the national way of life.

But the main value of the restaurant is the amazing Ukrainian cuisine. The specialty dishes are the salad Staroukrainskyi, Kuleshik from Marichka and vareniki. The guests are offered an original menu called Garbuz Card, which contains a range of pumpkin dishes.

Address: Andriyivskyy uzviz str.,19A;

Additional services: WiFi, takeaway food.

The idea of Kanapa was developed by the restaurateur Dima Borisov and the famous Ukrainian musician Oleg Skrypka. Kanapa is located in a legendary part of Kyiv – Andriyivskyy Descent, in the wooden building of the 19th century.

The menu comprises pre-revolutionary recipes from different regions of the country but in modern interpretation, sometimes combined with elements of the molecular gastronomy. The food is prepared from seasonal and local products, selected meat and fresh fish. Be sure to try Ukrainian wines, roasted rabbit and vareniki.
Ostannya Barykada
Ostannya Barykada
Address: Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 1;

Additional services: WiFi.

Ostannya Barykada is another project of Dima Borisov. It is an art and gastronomic space, a meeting place of free people – new generation, born with three modern Ukrainian revolutions: Student Revolution on the Granite 1990, Orange Revolution 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) 2014.
The menu of the restaurant contains only authentic dishes of national cuisine with original names. The cooks create their masterpieces in the open kitchen, so the guests can freely watch how the dishes are prepared. At the bar you can enjoy the taste of various Ukrainian cocktails. In addition, the restaurant offers quite exotic dishes like Ukrainian oysters, foie gras and black caviar.
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