The Top 10 Nightclubs in Kyiv
Kyiv is not only a city with a great history, but also a place where nightlife always is burning. As a city of entertainments Kyiv can beat many European capitals.
Foreigners, who come to Kyiv not the first time, certainly know in which nightclubs to go to make their evening unforgettable. And for those, who visit Kyiv for the first time, we put together the list of the best nightclubs in Kyiv.
Caribbean Club
Caribbean Club
Address: Petlyura str., 4;

Opening hours: 18:00-06:00.

Caribbean Club is one of the oldest nightclubs in Kyiv. It was opened first in 1998. Recently Caribbean Club has had a makeover. It has gone a little bit more up market. There is a nice big stage at the front where they feature local and foreign music artists.

It is a well known place and the mostly English speaking staff are always helpful. This is a great night club for Ukrainians and foreigners, always a friendly crowd enjoying a positive atmosphere. If you like salsa or want to smoke a big fat Cuban cigar, it is a perfect place for you.
Address: Moskovs'ka str., 22;

Opening hours: 18:00-06:00.

Shooters is a restaurant complex in Kyiv where you can have a great time at night. Night club is the heart of the complex, a place that attracts people every night.

Shooters consists of 4 areas, Shooters dance club, the terrace restaurant, the Harem which is a chill-out area and Limoncello for Karaoke. Every club in Kyiv has its own unique position. Shooters is no exception but the big difference here is that whatever night you choose to go, you are pretty much assured of a great night. Shooters is not big on the inside but big on atmosphere.
Skybar Club
Skybar Club
Address: Velyka Vasyl'kivs'ka str., 5;

Opening hours: 18:00-6:00.

Skybar night club offers a beautiful panoramic view, unique decor, technically perfect sound and light equipment. Bright show program, popular house music and elegant party crowd attract many visitors from all over the world.

Skybar Summer Terrace is a second dance floor of the complex. The mystical lights and intoxicating fresh air of the terrace under the musical wave of Tech House will take you to another dimension. Nebo restaurant offers a spectacular panoramic view. At the restaurant you can enjoy excellent dishes and exceptionally well mixed drinks.
Address: Grushevskoho str., 3;

Opening hours: 22:00-06:00.

D'Lux is one of the most luxurious, energetic, and chic club complex in Kyiv. It is the prime place where the social, political, business and arts elite mingle to play and be seen. Located in the historic center of ancient Kyiv, D'Lux has been the center of social elite entertainment since the old Soviet days when it was opened back in 1939.
D'Lux Lounge Bar can comfortably seat 200 guests around the central bar in relaxed, cozy environment offering soft lighting, chic and innovative interior design and the unmatched sound system. The music is especially selected to create an atmosphere of comfort, ambience, and warmth while gently stirring rhythm and excitement in your soul.

The Lounge Bar is a great place to chill in a good company with the kind of unpretentious, outstanding service. A wide selection of drinks and food is available.
Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly
Address: Mechnykova, 9a;

Opening hours: 20:00-6:00.

Coyote Ugly is a kind of crosses between a bar and something else. It is the sort of place that will either have you smiling from ear to ear or sprinting quickly for the exit. There is nothing subtle about Ugly Coyote. It's all about getting drunk, hot girls dancing on the bar and an atmosphere of sweat and testosterone.

Like most places in Kyiv the bar staff speaks English and many clubbers will be happy to share a round of drinks with you. Definitely it is not the sort of place you would take your girlfriend for a romantic drink.
Disco Radio Hall
Disco Radio Hall
Address: Moscowskyi avenue, 32;

Opening hours: 22:00-6:00

Disco Radio Hall welcomes all those who appreciate the night entertainment, incredible events and endless festivity. Comfortable friendly environment, amazing themed parties, favorite hits, and, most importantly, a-go-go dancing – all these things may be found in this place. The unique club, Disco Radio Hall, has become the attraction center for fans of the 80-s and 90-s dance disco from the entire Ukraine.

Spacious dance hall, large disco bar, the best MCs and DJs, exquisite design, incredible sound and light devices, light and festive environment – these are not by far the only advantages for which Disco Radio Hall is notable. If you dislike a feeling of being bored, enjoy dancing, like to meet new people and communicate with new extraordinary personalities, you should come to Disco Radio Hall and enjoy the best moments of the nightlife in Kyiv.
Address: Harmatna str., 51a;

Opening hours: 22:00-6:00.

Forsage was recognized as the best night club in Ukraine for 4 times. It was opened in 2006 and since then has consistently held the title of one of the most favorite places for entertainment of Kiev party-goers.

Forsage is quite a large club with 3 floors that is popular with mainly local students. The club often puts on specialized nights like foam parties which allows for lots of naughty behavior under the bubbles. It is not an obvious place for tourists and you would feel out of place if you are over 30. This is a mainstream club that plays house music and European disco.
Saxon Club
Saxon Club
Address: Trutenko str., 4;

Opening hours: 22:00-7:00.

Saxon Club surprises with an unexpected combination of medieval style and modern music, but the venue attracts attention of Kyiv party-goers. The original interior of the club combines stained glass, knight shields, copies of paintings by famous artists and even a huge fireplace. Saxon Club will bring you to the atmosphere of a real medieval castle.

Saxon Club has everything necessary for a good and active holiday: two dance floors, three bars, karaoke, kitchen and summer terrace. Recently the club updated its design and opened an exquisite Library Bar which immediately became a favorite place for visitors.
Address: Sichovyh Striltsiv str., 37-41;

Opening hours: 19:00-6:00.

Atlas Club is one of the coolest venues in Kyiv. The schedule of the live gigs reflects the variety of musical genres played at the club. You can get maximum of pleasure, drive and unforgettable experience if you are a fan of rock, metal, jazz, indie, pop, hip-hop and EDM etc.

The word "club" is usually associated exclusively with youth culture. This is totally not true for Atlas. The program of concerts in Atlas takes into account the tastes of all generations. And if you are planning to visit Kyiv, Atlas is a good place to start your acquaintance with the concert and nightlife of the city.

Locally grown grape is cheap and very juicy
Address: Kudryashova str., 3;

Opening hours: 10:00-6:00.

Indigo is a modern project that combines different entertainment. In fact, this is an exclusive space where everyone will find something interesting to do. Indigo gives fascinating parties, demonstrates acrobatic sketches and amazing dance numbers.

Indigo is one of the best night clubs in Kyiv and a place where you can delight yourself with amazing dishes from high-class chefs and entertain yourself at their karaoke night played on ultra-high quality sound system.
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